Stand In Your Truth

October 14, 2014
stand in your truth

What is our truth? Is it our perception? Is it our reality?

Is it how we feel? Is it what we say? Is it what we think? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. It is all of the above and has a profound affect on not only the way we live our lives but in the direction that our lives unfold. Our truth, when boiled down to its core, is a ball of energy, that when expressed, especially through our words, has deep repercussions. Therefore, it is not only important to be mindful of what we think and how we feel, but also how we express those thoughts and emotions through our words. I am reminded of a quote by the great Gandhi on this very subject:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

stand in your truth


Knowing the great importance then of standing in our truth, in our beliefs, how do we do so? I tend to think about it in three simple steps:

1. Be curious about your feelings and emotions.

2. Do the work to find out what those honest feelings and emotions are.

3. Share those honest thoughts with others and stand in your truth!

An important element to keep in mind here is that whenever we are asked to be vulnerable, with ourselves as well as others, fear is not far. We feel the fear because we want to keep ourselves safe. That is normal. But, the good news is that we don’t need the fear to stay safe! Whatever the outcome, regardless of whether or not your truth is received the way you want it to be by those you are sharing it with, that outcome will be in your best interest because its based on your truth. With truth as your guide, you can not go wrong. Use that confidence to give you the power you need to stand in your truth, to own your honest emotions and feelings, and emit that honest energy out into the world.

That is the power we all have in this lifetime: to create our lives and our world by emitting energy based on our truth. Do not let the fear of reception stop you from standing in your power and standing in your truth.

Speak the words that you feel in your heart and watch the world transform right before your eyes!

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