Reiki for Pets

March 15, 2015

Reiki isn’t just for humans, it’s also for your four legged, or winged, or scaley-skinned friends too!  While being certified in Reiki and having an attunement certainly increases the flow of energy and the efficiency of the healing, anyone can send energy to an animal or a pet simply with the intent to heal.  Because Reiki is never harmful, its benefits to animals and our pets are limitless.  Some of the most common benefits from Reiki for pets include relief and healing from:

-separation anxiety or nervousness

-post traumatic stress disorder PTSD (especially helpful for pets who have been adopted and who might have experienced traumatic events in their pasts)

-injuries or surgeries

-fear or shyness

-general upkeep of health

How do you know when your pet could benefit from Reiki?   If you are like most pet owners, the bond you share with your pet is very strong and you somehow are able to communicate with them knowing how they’re feeling and what they need.  This communication you already engage in can be strengthened and increased to provide even more understanding of and subsequently better care for your pet.  Animals are very sensitive to energy.  Take animals in the wild for instance.  They seem to know a storm is coming before the wind picks up, before the rain starts to fall, and even before the skies begin to visibly change.   Ever wonder how birds know its time to start flying South?  They begin to migrate even before the temperature changes, and know when it will start changing even though the time frame is different each year.  The same goes for animals that enter hibernation during the Winter- they somehow just instinctively know when Winter is about to set in.  Sure there are biological reasons, but I also believe that instinctive knowing stems from their ability to pick up on and sense the energy shifts that accompany weather patterns.  Perhaps animals are so sensitive to energy because they have to rely on their perceptions of danger in order to survive in the wild.  That trait has certainly followed domesticated animals, making our pets extremely receptive of and responsive to our energy as well as the energy of others.


This sensitivity to energy makes it quite simple for us to communicate with our pets.  Because they are unable to communicate with the spoken word like our own language, this communication relies on thoughts and feelings.  An easy way to encourage this communications is through the use of imagery.  Forming a clear image in your head and then intentionally sending that image to them is a great way to get across a message to our pets.  You might imagine that you are sending these images from your third eye, the place in between the eyebrows where our pineal gland is housed (which some scientists refer to as our physic gland), and directly to our pets’ third eye where their pineal gland is housed.  One that image becomes clear for them, you will most likely begin to feel a response from them.  Remember, they will not be responding with words, so trust what you are feeling as their response to your image.  We are all capable of such communication with our pets, big or small.  Once you are able to better communicate with your pet, you will better understand how to take care of them, and when they might need healing energy such as Reiki.


Reiki isn't just for humans, it's for our pets too!  Give back to them the love and healing they give to us everyday!
Reiki isn’t just for humans, it’s for our pets too! Give back to them the love and healing they give to us everyday!

The act of sending healing energy, or Reiki, to our pets is also very simple.  Placing your hands on the animal is a quicker way to send that energy, as the transference is aided by the use of touch, however, you can also send the energy from a distance if that is better for you or your pet given the circumstances.  Either having your hands on/over the area of your pet that you wish to heal, or by simply thinking about that area, begin to invite the intention of healing energy and ease into your touch or thought.  If you wish to give Reiki to the whole animal, you may work your hands from their head to their tail, holding each spot for a few minutes or so.  For some pets it may take some time for them to warm up to this process, especially cats since they are such independent creatures.  More than likely, your dog, as a pack animal, will warm up to the Reiki session very quickly.  Do not be discouraged if your pet walks away the first few times.  Just keep trying and keep communicating with them and eventually you both will strengthen your bond enabling you to take better care of your pet.

Our pets certainly take care of us, and any pet owner will testify to the fact that the love their pet has for them helps them to heal in some way shape or form.  So, let’s reciprocate that love and healing by giving that energy back to our pets.  They definitely deserve it!

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