New Year, “New” You

January 12, 2015

January 12th.  Twelve days into the New Year.  Do you feel like the “new” you yet?  Are you sticking with everything on your New Year’s Resolutions list?  Are you hitting the gym, eating healthy, taking yoga classes, writing more, meditating, and spending time in nature everyday like you resolved to do on January 1st?  If you’re anything like me, the answer is: I did for the first three days!  Then I moved, and I had to furnish a new place.  Or, then I got a new job, and I had to readjust to the new schedule and work load.  Or, then I became exhausted because I was trying to do way too much!

It’s very easy to become wrapped up in the high vibrating and well intentioned energy of the new year.  We have become accustomed to celebrating anything new, even the changing of a number at the end of a date.  If it’s new, we’re excited: it’s shiny, it’s pretty, it’s untainted by the passing of time.  But what’s funny about this New Year energy, is that it comes from a celebration of the passing of time.  On one hand, we celebrate what we perceive to be something new, but on the other hand, that which we are celebrating is actually not new at all, but just the continuation of what we already know.

I say this not to ruin New Years or the resolutions that we have made for ourselves.  It’s a great practice to self-reflect, look over the past, and redirect our lives in hopes of attaining what we want for our futures.  But its also healthy to keep in mind that we’re still on the same journey, still trucking along, still trying to find our way, simply continuing to march forward, just as we have done up until this point.  So it’s ok that by day three we feel like we’ve fallen off the wagon.  It’s ok that we can not do every single thing on our resolution list every single day.  After all, we are human, and this “new” us every January 1st is the same person we were on December 31st!


So rather than allowing the struggles with our resolutions to possibly bring us down from our New Year energetic high, make it a practice to be compassionate and forgiving towards those slip ups and towards ourselves, knowing that it is a long road ahead- not just the next 12 months, but the rest of our lives.  Sure, we have resolved to mediate more or get on our yoga mat more for the next 12 months, but allow the understanding that we have the rest of our lives to continue that journey to generate some compassion for the days we didn’t stick to our New Year promises.  After all, its the effort that goes into the reflection of the past and the projection of the future that is the important part.  Sigh no more, and as Mumford and Sons so poignantly put it, love yourself in those moments where we might not achieve everything on our resolution list, because:

“Love; it will not betray you, dismay, or enslave you, it will set you free.

Be more like the man you were made to be.”


And becoming more like the person we were made to be sounds way more fulfilling than becoming something “new.”


Check out “Sigh No More” and other songs by Mumford and Sons by clicking here:


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