Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I strive to teach each student from a place of compassion in order to both connect with them individually and be able to create an environment in which students feel comfortable and safe in the learning process. In my classes I specifically focus on three areas of development: self-adjustment, kinesthetic awareness, and artistry. I believe that as teachers, we should be engaging the student not only with the material, but also with themselves, therefore teaching them a skill set that they can continue to utilize outside of the classroom. By engaging students with themselves, they are able to self-adjust, and in the process share in the responsibility of their education. Additionally, I believe it is critical to heighten students’ self-awareness at a kinesthetic level as well, allowing them to fully explore the material in their own physical manifestations, rather than simply participating in mere style mimicry. Students should learn to absorb the information in their own unique kinesthetic fashion, also aiding in their individual artistic development. While technique can traditionally be understood to encompass correct physical alignment only, it is my belief that students should understand their technique to encompass their creativity as well, helping them to discover their unique artistic personality through which to showcase their physical, mental, and emotional understanding of movement. By cultivating compassion in the classroom, as well as focusing on the development of self-adjusting, kinesthetic awareness, and individual artistry, students in my classroom feel safe to share in the responsibility of learning while they simultaneously find their own unique voice.


I currently sit as faculty in the Dance Departments of these three fine Los Angeles institutions:

Santa Monica College

AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts

Relativity School

If you would like information on guest teaching, please feel free to contact me.