The Intent Behind Touch

October 2, 2014
intent behind touch

Energy therapy does not just live behind closed doors in candle lit rooms with new age music playing idly in the background. As evidenced through my last entry, energy work is in more places than we may think and can be as simple as giving someone a hug. Because physical contact is so powerful and pervasive, this transference of energy can happen in many other areas of our lives and the intent behind touch becomes an important concept.


Considering The Intent Behind Touch


Take yoga class for instance. Many instructors use a hands-on adjustment technique, meaning that the instructor will manually adjust their students in class. This manual adjustment, whether knowingly or not, is a transference of energy from one person to the other though the act of physical touch. As a yoga instructor myself, I strive to keep this in mind whenever I put my hands on a student. By having intent to “help” or “aid” rather than “correct” or “make better,” a hands-on adjustment can go from making a student feel defeated and wrong to allowing them to feel empowered. The intent behind the touch defines the energy that is transferred.


Negative Intent = Negative Energy


Positive Intent = Positive Energy


You may be asking yourself, it can’t be that simple so what am I missing? But it is!

intent behind touch
This transference of energy through physical contact reaches far beyond the yoga mat. Think of all the daily activities you perform that require touch, and how those activities can illicit positive energy from simply changing your intent behind those actions. A simple handshake at the work place can go from threatening to welcoming, just as easily as a pat on the back can go from condescending to supporting. For those who work in the health care or body work fields, this concept is especially helpful and important to keep in mind, as these professions require a large amount of physical contact with others. Doctors, nurses, dancers, personal trainers, massage therapists, physical therapists, coaches, etc. The list goes on and on. By making an effort to keep a positive intent throughout a session with a client, patient, or student, those that hold these professions can really transform the outcome of their touch, resulting in a far better experience for everyone involved.

That said, you don’t have to be a doctor or a massuese to put this idea into practice. As you become more aware of your intentions and how they can influence your energy, in turn affecting the energy of those around you, you will begin to see just how powerful this notion is and how frequently it comes into play. Becoming aware allows you to then be mindful not only of the power of touch, but the power of YOUR touch!

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