Give a Gift of Energy this Holiday Season

December 20, 2014

It’s the holiday season, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been so busy and distracted that you are just now getting around to gift shopping.  When you don’t have the time to find that perfect gift, what do you give?

They say that its the thought that counts when giving gifts.  But what I like to say is that its the energy that counts.  Now don’t get me wrong.  By energy I don’t mean how much energy you put into thinking about it, finding it, etc.  By energy I mean the energy attached to whatever it is that you are giving.  Things are extension of ourselves.  Have you ever wondered how you can become so attached to such a simple thing as a pen or perhaps something much more complex such as a car?  After all, they are just things, possessions, made of plastic and metal.  So why do we become so attached?
We become attached to things because they take on our energy.  A little piece of ourselves is transferred with each stroke of that pen, or with each turn of the steering wheel.  Our energy becomes apart of these things and in turn we become attached.
With this in mind then, we can all send a little gift of energy with whatever it is we are gifting to family and friends.  No matter how small, large, inexpensive, or expensive that gift may be, the energetic intention you attach to it as the giver will be felt and appreciated by the recipient.  And it’s super easy to do!  Just as over the Thanksgiving holiday I discussed infusing positive energy into the food that you make for loved ones, you can do the same with gifts!  As you wrap your gifts, think of all of the wonderful things you love about those who will be receiving them.  You can imagine how the gift might help them achieve their goals and aspirations for the new year.  You might even take a minute to feel gratitude in your heart for the presence of that loved one in your life, and for all that they have done for you.  This simple act of infusing your gifts with love, gratitude, and positive energy, no matter how small or simple the gift may be, can take a gift from a nice gesture to a wonderful extension of our love and gratitude for those in our lives.  

Try it out this holiday season and take the stress out of finding the perfect gift for those that you love.  Because when the perfect gift for all of us is love, anything that we decide to give can be infused with our love and become that perfect gift!  

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 Happy Holidays everyone!

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