Client Testimonials


Read through some of my client testimonials to find out what they've experienced both during and after their energy work sessions.

"Kristin is a sincere and dedicated Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. Her love and care genuinely shine through. There is a real presence of Angels during her sessions and classes. Thank you Kristin for all you do."


-K.M., Reiki Master and Healer
"Kristin Deiss’s Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy sessions have assisted me through periods of illness, life transitions, and ongoing mind/body maintenance. She possesses an intuitive nature and healing touch. She is professional and down-to-earth. Kristin offers boundless compassion from the first moment I arrive to my sessions. She meets me wherever I am physically, energetically, and emotionally. Through her expert skills, she is willing to ascertain and work with whatever requires support and healing. I always leave my sessions with her renewed, calm, and connected. Kristin has a rare gift. It must be experienced by anyone who seeks a comprehensive wellness regimen."


-T.M.P., Founder and Director of The Perri Institute


"Though I consider myself to be somewhat of a spiritual person, I have always been a skeptic about the idea and the practice of reiki as a form of healing--until recently . . . I will never forget the first thing Kristin asked me: 'If you could pick a place within your body where this "feeling" lives, where would it be?' I immediately sighed and pointed to my chest--where an elephant had been sitting for the past year. After an hour with Kristin, the elephant was gone. It was as if something literally came out of me, the cleansing of which allowed me to freely dissect my problems without being weighed down by my elephant of emotions. I admit that after my session with Kristin, I am no longer a skeptic! I highly recommend reiki to those who are seeking another form of healing and of release."


-E.S., Former Professional Ballet Dancer


"Kristin is an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and thoughtful healer. She instantly makes you feel very comfortable which allows for a healing session free of stress or concerns. I had suffered a couple of serious injuries and through Kristin's help I was able to begin working through things in the healing process that had not been possible through other methods. Not to mention she is hilarious and who doesn't like a good chuckle before or after a reiki session? I highly recommend putting yourself in Kristin's healing hands."


-A.L., Performer, Arts Administrator, and Producer