Healing as Process

December 1, 2014
healing as process

As creatures living in an extremely technological world where we can get what we want almost as quickly as we realize we want it, we often times forget that patience is a virtue.  Our world has become so instantaneous that if we don’t get a reply to our texts within five or so minutes, worst case scenarios start running through our heads.

The speed at which we expect our lives to move can sometimes do more harm than good, especially when it comes to healing.

Healing takes many forms and feels different for everyone.  Regardless if its a meniscus tear or a heart break, each person heals in their own unique way, through their own unique process.  That word process is an important one to consider when we think of healing.  Process means a series of steps or actions taken to achieve a particular end result.  Let’s take an even closer look at this definition.  Notice the word series.  Notice that steps and actions are both plural, indicating more than one, and most likely several or more.  Because healing is a process, it takes time.  Time that our modern day culture has no patience for.

If you’re anything like me, you’re apart of this quick-paced, “faster is better” type of mentality.  In fact, I am constantly trying to be more efficient.  To do more in less amount of time.  This mindset also bleeds into my own personal healing, and may also bleed into yours.  Too often we become frustrated with ourselves when we are still hurting even after having taken all the necessary steps and actions to heal.  As a dancer who has been through many physical injuries, this situation was all too familiar to me.  And recently, having to heal through emotional injury, I was feeling the familiar lack of patience with myself and my healing.  Whether you’re recovering from heart ache or a broken bone, it is of the utmost important to realize that it will take time, and that unfortunately, it may take longer than originally anticipated.  But that’s ok.

We all heal in our own time, through our own process.  Becoming angry with the process only invites feelings of guilt or worse resentment, which just prolongs the process even more.  We shouldn’t be mad at ourselves, at our emotions, at our body, when we don’t bounce back as quickly as we would like.  We should love ourselves even more as we move through the healing process— thats when we need it the most!  


healing as process

Healing is not easy.  It is a process, and it can sometimes be a long process.  But the good news is that we come out of it much stronger than we were before we experienced the hurt and the pain.  It is a process that only helps us on our journeys, not hinders or delays our plans.  We need to start readjusting how we view healing.  We need to understand it as a process, that it is there to help us, and trust that our process and our unique healing journey is exactly as it should be.

So instead of becoming frustrated and angry with yourself, extend a little more love your way as you heal, and watch how that helps you on your healing process.

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