Finding Stability In An Unstable World

October 10, 2014
finding stability

It is human nature to want to stand on stable ground. Who wants to constantly fight for their balance on shaky turf? It would be like trying to take a yoga class on a moon bounce. No thank you. But…

The reality of the situation is that the only constant in life is that things will always change.


Intent on finding stability? Good luck.


Searching for stability through external factors, at the end of the day, is a waste of energy, not to mention a total downer. Finding stability is futile at best! Being a new transplant to the city of angels and experiencing my first earthquake a few months ago really underscored this reality for me. At the most basic conceptual level of stability, we are already setting ourselves up for failure, because the Earth is constantly moving. Even the very literal ground we stand on is constantly shifting and swaying. Nature can teach us many things— let’s pay attention! If the actual Earth is continuously shifting, how are we supposed to find an unwavering place to tap into our strength? We could start with our energetic field.

Finding Stability Pic
No matter what is happening externally in our lives, or if we are standing on shaky ground, the energetic field that surrounds our physical being is very much stable and solid. As long as we’re breathing, we are emitting this energy. That is perhaps the only stability we will ever truly experience in our lifetime. And instead of fighting against nature and looking for stability and security through professions, relationships, material goods, etc., we should be turning our desire for stability inward: to fully appreciate the strength, balance, and steadiness that we all have, purely by the nature of being alive.

Our breath gives us many things, one of which being a solid foundation to settle into. Its time we focused on our breath, our energy, and this inner support that we all have, so that we can find the courage and comfort to continue placing one foot in front of the other on ground that can at any minute break open. Because no matter how shaky things may get, our breath, our energetic field, our inner support will be the one solid continually guiding us ahead. So, in those moments of feeling like any and all stability we once had is now gone, take a minute to tap into your breath, into your energy, and know and appreciate that you will always have that security blanket, so long as you are on this Earth.

The next time the ground underneath your feet is shaking, breathe, and know that you can always count on your inhales and exhales to connect you to the unwavering support your energy is there to provide. We all have it, so why not use it!

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