How to Cleanse Energy

January 26, 2015
You don't have to be a Reiki Master to cleanse energy.  Read my newest post to find out ways anyone can cleanse the energy they surround themselves with everyday!
You don’t have to be a Reiki Master to cleanse energy. Read my newest post to find out ways anyone can cleanse the energy they surround themselves with everyday!
You don’t have to be a Reiki Master to cleanse energy.  In fact, as long as you’re breathing, you’re absolutely capable!  We can all sense when there is bad energy, or “juju” as we sometimes call it.  For various reasons, negative events, emotions, feelings, and thoughts can all leave energetic imprints in spaces and even on things, creating a space or object that just doesn’t feel good.  The good news is that the negative energy can be cleared!  All you need is the intention to clear, and perhaps a few tools to help you out.  Below is a list of ways anyone can easily and safely cleanse energy attached to an object, a space, or even a person.  Once that negativity is cleansed, positive and healing energy will flow more freely, making that space, thing, or person feel much better!
Burning Sage

In this ancient practice, also called smudging, the smoke produced from burning this herb is said to help cleanse energy, ridding any negativity that may be present.  Most sage is sold wrapped in bundles, ready to burn.  Before lighting the edge of the bundle, make sure you have a bowl at hand to put out the flame when finished, and if indoors, open some windows to air out the smoke (otherwise run the risk of setting off the smoke detector!).  Light just the tip of the bundle, allowing it to burn out and start to create smoke.  If you’re having trouble, gently blowing air onto the small flame will help it to spread and produce a small stream of smoke.  If cleansing a space, walk around the area with the burning sage, make sure to get into the corners.  If cleansing a person, outline them with the burning sage making sure to get above the crown of their head as well as the soles of the feet.  Lastly, if cleansing a thing, treat it the same way as a person, outlining the object and enveloping it in the smoke.  Make sure the bundle is no longer smoking before putting away the sage- firmly pressing the burning area against the walls of a non-flammable bowl can help put out the smoke.  And voila- energy cleansed!  You can find some pre-bundled sage here:

Clearing with Crystals

Crystals, by their very nature, are excellent conduits for energy.  In fact, some are even used in communications equipment because of their unique electrical properties.  It is no wonder then that crystals can also be a tool in helping us cleanse energy.  Some of the best crystals to do so are: clear quartz, amethyst, and celestite.  When using crystals to cleanse energy, they first must be cleansed themselves.  Gently washing a crystal in warm water, then setting it out in the sun to dry and absorb the sun’s energy will do the trick.  If cleansing a space, placing the crystals either in the corners, or the doorway for a bit will absorb any negative energy that may be present.  Likewise, either holding or wearing these crystals can help to cleanse the energy attached to a person.  Lastly, crystals on top of or near an object can do the same.  Make sure after using a crystal to cleanse energy, that it is again cleansed itself so that it doesn’t continue to emit the negativity it absorbed.  Because they are excellent tools in cleansing energy, without much effort on our part, having them on end tables, bookshelves, or dressers are a great way to maintain a cleansed space.  Just be sure to cleanse them every now and again so they can continue to do the work!  Check out these crystals to help you cleanse energy:


Using a Mantra

Om Vajra Sattva Hung is a Tibetan Buddhist mantra used to cleanse energy.  By repeating, or listening to, these words for a lengthened period of time, you can easily cleanse the energy in a space, the energy attached to an object, and even your own energy.  Meaning to free from the mind, mantras are used to create specific sound wave energy with a specific intention.  By chanting, or listening to, this mantra in a certain room, the sound waves created will cleanse the energy of the room, as well as all objects and people in it.  You may also hold onto, or touch, specific objects that you wish to energetically cleanse while repeating the mantra.  This use of sound is yet another way we can all take steps to improve the energy that we surround ourselves with.  If chanting is not your thing, you can listen to cleansing mantras.  Try this one here:

Now that you know how easy it is to cleanse energy, try to make it a habit!  It can become part of your normal cleaning routine.  After vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting your home, burn some sage!  Or perhaps after a hard week at work, you can hold some clearing crystals in your hands for a few minutes to release that energy so you can enter your weekend refreshed and with less stress.  You could also cleanse energy for special occasions: the next time you give a special gift to a loved one, recite a mantra while holding it, and gift positive energy to them as well.  Some of my favorite ways to cleanse energy include setting crystals out in my living spaces, burning sage around my yoga mat and bed (since we make so much physical contact with those objects), and burning candles infused with energy cleansing mantras.  The options are endless, and because it is so easy to do, why not cleanse energy whenever you can, so that you can take steps to make yourself, your things, and the space around you feel better.

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